Pictures for the "Priceless" Sample Project

After you download this zipped folder, you will need to unzip it. The extracted folder will contain 3 jpegs to use in a short guided PhotoStory project.

Aesop's Fables online collection:

Presentation Handouts

7 Things You Should Know About Digital Storytelling

Save PPT slides as JPEGs

Digital Storytelling Websites

Microsoft Photo Story 3 Software (FREE)
Mark Coffman's website (see the beginner's guide on the left side):
Jakes Online-Digital Storytelling
Jason Ohler's website:
The Call of Story
Adobe Digital School lesson collection:
The Art of Digital Storytelling (free registration required)
Digital Storytelling Cookbook
Center for Digital Storytelling
CogDog's 50 ways to tell a digital story


DigiTales (see the Story Keepers Gallery)
BBC Digital Storytelling
Digital Story Examples

Picture Resources
flickr creative commons
Microsoft Office Online Clip Art
USDA Image Gallery
USDA NRCS Photo Gallery
Shorpy: History in HD
unitedstreaming has a large collection of digital photos that may be used in student projects
Joyce Valenza's Copyright Friendly wiki:

Music Resources (DO NOT post projects using this music online!) (subscription based- trial username and password available)

Headset Microphone

REMC online catalog

Upload video to Blogger