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Google Earth Home Page:
Google Earth Help Center:
Google Earth tutorials:
Google Earth User Guide (131 page PDF):
Google Earth: Beyond Your Back Yard - a Google TechTalk program - 1 hr. video
Google Earth Screencast Tutorials- for advanced users
Google Earth video help (YouTube):
Google Earth Outreach videos:
Google Earth Outreach tutorials:
Virtual Field Work Using Google Earth (82 pages!):
Link to a unitedstreaming video in Google Earth:
JakesOnline! Google Earth Resources:
Google Earth Product Tour:
Creating content for GE placemarks by David Jakes:
7 things you should know about Google Earth:
Video tutorials by Richard Treves (this kmz file will open in Google Earth):
An Illustrated Guide to Creating Virtual Field Trips:
Creating tours in GE5:

Lessons and Curriculum Ideas

Google Lit Trips - Teach great literature using Google Earth
Google Earth Education Community
Merge Historial Maps with Current World in Google Earth
Juicy Geography Google Earth Lessons
Google Earth Lessons - An Educational Resource for Teachers
Google Earth for Educators
Real World Math:
History Tours:
America: A Narrative History-- US History Tours:
Geography Awareness Week 2008:
My Wonderful World's Ultimate Asia Challenge:
My Wonderful World's Interactive Quiz on Africa:
Google Earth Outreach Showcase:
Google Earth UK Schools- Classroom ideas:
Google Earth and Discovery Education's unitedstreaming:
The Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC):

Other Resources

Google Earth Blog - The amazing things about Google Earth ™...
Cool Places in Google Earth
Google Earth Community- see the education section:
KML Gallery- Explore the Earth on Google:
Google Lat Long blog (official GE blog):
Using Google Earth blog:
Wild Sanctuary, the voice of the natural world:
Google Sightseeing:
The Earth Explorer:
Brookhaven National Laboratory online HTML editor:
Add a Flickr Creative Commons photo to a placemark with Simple CC flickr search:

Embed a YouTube video in a Google Earth placemark

Geographic Information System (GIS)

ESRI GIS for Schools:
eSchool News: GIS and Geographic Inquire: