THANK YOU for taking part in this important project!

There are numerous websites related to Geometry. Our goal is to identify the best interactive sites for our teachers and students to use, with or without a SMARTboard.

We all don't have to visit all of the sites listed below, nor will we have time to do that! Instead, let's work collaboratively. This wiki page is editable by YOU!

To edit this page, click on the EDIT THIS PAGE button at the top of the wiki. This transforms the web page into a document. You can type, delete, edit, just as if you were working in Microsoft Word. When you've finished typing, click on the SAVE button. The document has now been saved as a web page once again. Easy!

As you work through one of the sites listed below, please type your name at the beginning of the line. That way the rest of us will know that we should pick another site to examine. You are not limited to only the sites listed below! You may have some good ones that you've bookmarked before. Share these on the Google Form.

I would prefer that you check out these websites on your SMARTboard. For reasons unknown to me, some sites that work well with a mouse don't work on a SMARTboard.

When you find a really good website, go to the Google Form I have created and supply the requested information. The easiest way to copy the URL of the website is to "right-click" in the address bar of your web browser, then click on "Copy." Then "right-click" and "Paste" the URL in the Google Form field.

Questions? Contact Jim: 734-242-5799 Ext. 3030

Interactive websites

1. Jim & Cherie Topmarks: Interactive Whiteboard Resources for Key Stages 1, 2 and Foundation Stage
2.Lauda Sisung Interactive math sites: (scroll way down to the measurement sites)
3. Interactive maths resources:
4. Ambleside C.E. Primary School numeracy:
5. Interactive Internet resources:
6. Absorb Mathematics: (browse by topic on the left side of the page)
7. Math resources recommended by SMART
8. Sheppard Software:
9. Mr. Nussbaum:
10. TeacherLED:
11. BGfL Whiteboards:,index
12. National library of virtual manipulatives: