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Triangle problem
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Mathcast Tools: A comprehensive list of hardware and software with links.

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K-7 Mathcasts 500 Project:

Khan Academy:
Math Playground videos:
Mr. Williams' Blog:
Free Math Help: (click on the subject links at the top of the page)
Lovett Math Casts:

Math Problem Creation Tools
GeoGebra tutorials:
MMLA Mathematics Assessment:
The Math Worksheet Site:
Aplusmath Worksheets:
Free Math Help Worksheet Generator:
Houghton Mifflin Math:

Recording & Sharing Sites
Wikispaces for Teachers:
The Jing Project:

Voicethread Handouts
Introduction to Voicethread by Miguel Guhlin:
Voicethread "one pager" by Tim Davies: Sharing stores- with voicethread.pdf

How to Make Pedagogically Meaningful Animations by Danton H. O'Day:
The promise of multimedia learning by Richard E. Mayer:

Format Factory- free media file format converter software for Windows:

Equipment From the REMC Online Catalog:
Headsets and microphones
Graphics tablets

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
Livescribe website:
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James Socol's pencast embed code generator (THANK YOU JAMES!):
Sample pencast:
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Configuring your audio settings in Windows XP:

Recording, uploading, and embedding with Jing

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How to upload and embed a pencast using Livescribe

Here's a Mathcast recorded with a document camera! (Thank you Tim Fahlberg)